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10/25/21 um 02:09:19

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   IchWillSpass Diskussionsforum
   Allgemeine NDW Diskussion
   NDW querbeet
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   mysteriöses Lied - bitte hilf uns
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mysteriöses Lied - bitte hilf uns
« am: 08/03/19 um 00:46:53 »
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Apologies I am English and my German is very bad so I will have to type in my native tongue.
Can anyone help us identify this track...
All anybody knows is that it was probably recorded off the radio in Bremen around 82 -84.
Do you even think it is German? I have listened to literally hundreds of NDW bands in my search for this and this is very commercial in comparison.
If you want to know the story of this songs background I wouldd reccomend watching the below video.
Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance,
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